Business! Do not Try and Run before you can walk

Business! Do not Try and Run before you can walk

Please note this content may contain a lot of metaphors. 

If you try and run before you can walk, You will only end up back on the floor.

Through my experience working with various startup clients, I have come to realise a lot of business’ tend to gain reception from their target audiences before they have anything worth buying into. 

A lot of business’ mistaken throwing money at campaigns and boosting social media posts to shove their product or service down a customer’s throat is a means to a successful outcome. 

Here are some things to consider before expecting results!

  • Does anybody actually know who you are?
  • Yes you have a great product/service but who can vouch for you?
  • Do you have a strong brand and does you visual identity represent you?
  • Why should I, a consumer pick you over your competition?

Those are some key questions a startup should ask themselves. 

Does anybody actually know who you are?

A lot of brands/businesses assume the first thing to do is to get behind social media and exploit their business or service to followers they have not built up yet and assume hashtags will do the work for them. 

This is not entirely the case. Put it this way, consider that we are dealing with real humans with real emotions and preferences, just because you #brandedproduct under your post does not mean people following this hashtag will automatically interact with you post. 

Think of it like a job interview, yes they want to know what you can do for them but initially they want to know a bit about you, what makes you laugh, what your interests are, what makes you tick and they also consider your visual appearance. 

On that note, here are some points to take on board when it comes to people getting to know through social media.

  • Use you social platform to influence people. E.g create meaningful posts that your targeted audience might learn from.
  • Post interesting things that might evoke your audience to follow you to get more from you.
  • Interact with like minded brands especially ones with larger following. E.g repost their content and tag them in, most of the time they will repost that post on their story and although it’s all about them, guess what your name is popping up on their story being viewed by thousands.
  • Comment on other posts, again especially ones with lots of interaction. Don’t just like it or leave a generic comment, but try to leave a comment that makes people want to like your comment and in turn maybe even check you out and follow you.
  • Add highlights to your Instagram. Interesting highlights always draw attention to your profile people like to see what you get up to, or what fun facts you might post every now and then.

Those are a few things you might consider for social media presence. Try and realise that no one wants a product or service they don’t know shoved in their face so i always say post 80% something interesting and 10% call to action. 

By that i mean if you are a healthy juice brand post interesting facts about a particular ingredient explaining the benefits in the caption then at the bottom of your caption your 10% call to action e.g “BTW here’s a ten percent off coupon for all our juices”. 

You have got the attention of the consumer with an interesting post something they want to read and learn; incase they didn’t know, then at the end you have related it to your product with a small call to action text.

Yes you have great products or services but who can vouch for you?

Our consumer journey is based on trust. Do we trust that you are going to deliver the service you say you are delivering? do we trust that we will receive our product? Do we trust that you are not a scam?

A customers typical journey starts with Awareness, then consideration before purchase.

Ok, so a consumer is aware of your company now, and they have taken an interest in your product or service. The next step for a consumer is consideration and research, a potential customer most definitely do their research to see who else has used your product or service, they will look out for any reviews to make up their mind whether they can trust your company is what it says on the tin. 

Then once they are happy with what they see them they may purchase. Although this doesn’t apply to all services or business depending on the field, this is the general customer mentality. So bottom line is you need to get those reviews in, give people incentive to leave reviews in return for a reward, that way it will help other consumers make a decision to become your customer and the cycle continues.

Do you have a strong brand ?

Branding Design is everything when it comes to a consumer’s impression of your company.A powerful brand can play a big part in your business’s growth. 

A strong brand starts with great visual aesthetics like; a great logo design, a seamless website and user friendly website that looks great; a well branded product and consistent brand guidelines, however A successful brand is more than just visuals your brand identity will need to consist of more than graphic design. Effective branding is about your tone of voice; 

  • How do you address your audience, in the way you write? 
  • What are your company Values? 
  • Do you need a mission Statement?

All these factors tie in hand in hand with your brand strategy and the perception of your business. When creating a brand you are creating a personality. 

Most certainly when you see someone dressed a certain way you can instantly assume their personality, and wouldn’t  it just look odd if their personality did not match with their look. It’s the same as a company, good brand management is consistency. 

The way you talk to your audience has to tally up with your visual identity as well as your values. Good brands also have a good mission statement and helps consumers understand what impact you are trying to have, and what is your brand promise e.g what can your customers expect from your product or service.

Check out coca cola for example, their mission statement is; “to refresh the world in mind, body and spirit, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions, to create value and make a difference.” A good read to help with identifying mission statements is What Great Brands Do By Denise Lee Yohn.

Why should I, a consumer pick you over your competition?

This one is simple really, and it’s just about how you set yourself apart from your competitors. I once watched a stream of a business guru talking about competitors and he made a valid point. 

If you are driving past a field of black and white cows, and you happen to see a purple cow, which cow would grab your attention? How do we make ourselves the purple cow? Find your niche, do a swot analysis and figure out what can make you slightly different from your competition.

Once you have got your business walking in the direction then you can think about running. Considering these factors from the beginning will save you a lot of money and time. 

You won’t spend money on advertising without getting expected results and you won’t waste time wondering why your business is not picking up the way you thought it might have. Parading yourself in front of a large audience doesn’t mean they will notice you, what makes you noticeable is, what you look like (visual/brand identity), your mannerisms, (tone of voice), what others say about you (reviews), and what makes you different (be the purple cow!)

That being said, as a brand agency we want to help you achieve the most out of your strategy. Get in contact with use and let’s see how Jazzy Dream Studio can help you give your company a voice.

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